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Monroe Community Band

Welcome to membership in the Monroe Community Band. In this handbook, you will find information to help guide you through our concert season.

About The Ensemble

The Monroe Community Band (MCB) is an open membership, multi-generational community group, with a friendly and welcoming spirit promoting the personal rewards of making music with friends while encouraging music education and arts growth in our community. 

Membership Requirements

MCB is an adult ensemble open to all wind and percussion players encompassing a wide range of musical backgrounds and training, from those renewing their skills, to those of moderate to advanced abilities. No audition is required. 

The band rehearses once a week on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Wagner Performing Arts Center. Members are expected to be in their seats and ready to play at 7:00 and stay through the entire rehearsal. Performances will be scheduled throughout the season. One or two dress rehearsals are held prior to the concerts and members are required to attend one or both of these rehearsals. 

Membership Dues and Other Expenses 

Membership Dues: Dues are established by the MCB Board of Directors. The amount for the 2018/19 Concert Season is $60 and is due by November 15. Accommodations can be made for Members to pay over time, as agreed upon with the MCB Treasurer, Anne O'Neill. 

Dues do not cover the entire cost of operations, therefore members are urged to participate in fundraising, for example, bake sales at the concerts. 

Dues may be pro-rated for new members when they join the band.

Concert Attire: Each MCB Member must provide their own concert black attire. This includes black dress shirts, dress pants, socks and shoes. Women can wear black dresses or skirts with black shoes. 

Summer Concert Attire: Summer performance attire will be casual, and established by the conductor(s). 

Music Stand: Please bring your own music stand to all rehearsals and performances. 

Instrument: Members are expected to provide their own instruments for rehearsal and performance. Percussion equipment is provided by the MCB and percussionists will have their own mallets and sticks. 

Attendance Policy 

Although the MCB is "come and play" in nature, attendance of all rehearsals is encouraged, and a minimum of 50% is required to participate in a performance. 

In the event that you will miss a rehearsal, please inform the band at, or let your section leader know in advance. You may also contact our conductor(s) at Members who miss more than 50% of the rehearsals will be ineligible to perform in that concert (an exception may be given from the conductors). If you are unable to attend rehearsals for a particular concert, you are welcome to return for the next scheduled concert. 

Code of Conduct 

All members are representatives of the MCB and should behave in a way that reflects positively on the band. Members will treat the conductor(s) and other members with respect. 

Volunteer Commitment 

The Monroe Community Band is a non-profit organization that relies upon volunteers to act as administrators of its operation. We ask for your assistance in fundraising, marketing and program advertising. We value your time and trust that you will consider the MCB to be worthy of your energy and effort. 

For complete details of all policies, please refer to the MCB Bylaws. 

Contact Information 

MCB President—Joe Fina 

MCB Vice President—Mark Bordeau 

MCB Treasurer—Anne O'Neill 

Conductor—David Pallo 

Conductor—Melissa Gray 

General Inquiries

Monroe Community Band 

PO Box 575 

Monroe, WA 98272 

MCB Rehearsal and Performance Venue

Wagner Performing Arts Center 

639 West Main 

Monroe, WA 

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