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Joining the Band

Q. How do I find out more information about joining the band?

A. For more information about joining the band, please send an email to   When contacting us, please include brief information on your musical background and current skill level. 

Q. Is the Monroe Community Band a professional organization?

Monroe Band Rehearsal

A. No. The musicians who play in the Monroe Community Band may be professionals in some cases, but none are paid for their participation. The band is open to professional and amateur musicians who enjoy playing in an excellent concert band that plays a varied repertoire. 

Q. Is the Monroe Community Band open to anyone who wants to participate?

A. Yes; however in order for the band to perform at a consistently high level, the musicians who play in the band must also be able to play at a certain level. 

In general, participants can be of any level of skill, and should be enthusiastic and ready to learn...and practice. We strive to be as welcoming to someone returning to active playing after a hiatus as we are to professional and semiprofessional musicians. If you have concerns, contact us for more information about the level of musicianship required. Musicians do not need to live in Monroe to play in the band. Participation is open to residents of any area. While the band is primarily for adults, mature high school students are also eligible to participate subject to the approval of the conductors and the board. 

Q. What instruments are needed for the band?

A. The band consists of the standard concert band instruments: woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Musicians must provide their own instruments, except for large percussion—as well as supplying their own music stand. We currently have openings in all sections, as we strive to deepen and broaden the sound and musicality of the ensemble.

Q. When and where does the band rehearse?

A. The band rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7—9 p.m. at the Wagner Performing Arts Center in Monroe. 

Q. What kind of music does the Monroe Community Band play?

A. The band plays a wide variety of music, covering the complete spectrum of concert band literature. Our concerts are designed to provide educational and entertainment experiences to our audience, so music is selected with the audience in mind. 

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